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I'm a 20 year old boy born and raised in Lothlórien, but I currently reside in Melbourne.

I aspire to look like a Final Fantasy, CGI, Elven, Ball Jointed Doll style character. If you'd like to know anything feel free to send me a message, oh, and I also make YouTube videos =^-^=

Anonymous: its so cool that you're posting videos again !!!!!!!! :') how come you're going to stop partying??? what are you doing in LA / who are you going with??????

glad you enjoy my videos :-D 

I’m not completely stopping partying, I went out this weekend haha. I was going out every weekend for all of last year, going out and getting fucked up every weekend takes it’s toll. I just wanted to concentrate on getting a new job, getting my diet and life in order and getting on the right path, I just wanted to put my time and energy into the right things which is exactly what I’ve done! 

I can’t really talk about why I’m going, but it’s going to be an adventure and I’m going by myself :-) 


Anonymous: I'm thinking of moving to Melbourne in the next few months but I'm scared of making such a big move. Do you have any advice regarding accommodation, making friends etc..

when I decided to move here, I just started saving some money, and then a friend of mine said that one of their friends needed a new room mate for a couple of months, two weeks later I moved down and that was it really haha. I only new one person, I met up with a couple of people I had on Facebook and everybody else I met by going out clubbing or through people that I’ve met :-) 

My advice is to just save as much as you can to last you while looking for work or whatever, and the rest will just come along! 


creepy-wicked-whispers: I absolutely adore you.I love your style so much,and i saw your "get ready with me" video and was wondering, what makeup products do you use? Im super pale and cant find any foundation or products that match my skin tone. Also, please do a QnA. 🌙❤

Thank you lovely!! I’m doing a Q&A as one of my next videos, so feel free to ask me whatever =^-^=

I made a post here about pale makeup:


I also made a video called “porcelain vampiric skin” a while ago on my foundation routine. 


Anonymous: I've always wanted to visit Australia but I'm like completely scared of spiders and almost every depiction has like a million spiders per square metre. Are there actually loads of spiders or is it not too bad? :)

yes, just like how everyone in America speaks like a southern redneck and everyone from England is extremely posh and has tea every day with the queen. 

we also ride kangaroo’s to school and I saw a few crocodiles in the middle of the city the other day. oh, and watch out for those drop bears. 

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